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photo: DFID - UK Department for International Development
London, 11th July 2012. President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, speaking at the London Summit on Family Planning

Afghan refugees are political pawns for Museveni's Uganda

The New Arab 23 Sep 2021
Yoweri Museveni, the Uganda dictator will reportedly take in 2,000 Afghan refugees at the request of the US. Uganda's people are generous, but this is a crowning moment for Museveni, long a 'useful autocrat' for the US ... Uganda's warm spirit ... In fact, the trickling of Afghan refugees into Uganda has a double financial effect.

We must condemn communal rhetoric

Hindustan Times 18 Sep 2021
More importantly, it distresses me because I can hear echoes of Germany in the 1930s, South Africa in the 1960s, and Uganda in the 1970s. And that’s despite the fact I’m Hindu ... “How can our heroes be Mughals?” he asked last year, perhaps ignorant of the fact Akbar is considered one of the greatest emperors of all time ... In fact, he revels in it.

Europe is facing a human tragedy of monumental proportions

Independent online (SA) 29 Aug 2021
Given the fact that 300 000 Afghans fled their homes last week alone, and three million were uprooted before the current crisis, the numbers being accommodated by foreign countries are not going far enough to stem the crisis, writes Shannon Ebrahim ... Uganda has agreed to an ...

Feature: Ugandan Kung Fu fan passes on skills to youngsters 23 Aug 2021
23 (Xinhua) -- Five-year-old Hasifa Nakirijja is becoming popular in local media and among netizens in Uganda because of her amazing skills in Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts) ... Ssejjemba set up a makeshift training center behind his house where he trains youngsters to help promote the Kung Fu culture in Uganda.

Young activists are tired of their views on the climate crisis being ignored

The Independent 11 Aug 2021
The fact that living with the climate crisis will range from being mildly uncomfortable to life-threatening is now, finally, sinking in ... The fact that some people are hit worst by the climate crisis stems from the vastly unequal distribution of wealth, income, healthcare, education and infrastructure around the world.

Why Kenya barred its Deputy President from travelling to Uganda

Ghana Web 03 Aug 2021
Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto was set for a private trip from Kenya to Uganda, the second time in a month, but was stopped by the immigration officers at the airport on Monday ... Harun Aydin was among the passengers that intended to fly together with Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto to the neighboring country, Uganda.

Egypt works with 5 fellow African states to build satellite tracking climate change

Egypt Today 26 Jul 2021
CAIRO – 26 July 2021 ... The official noted that the selection of Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda is rooted in the fact that they made a significant progress in space work.   ...   ...   ... That type is an artificial satellite that usually weighs between 100 grams and one kilograms.   ... .

Africa's prime learning destination

China Daily 22 Jul 2021
Moreover, China is also collaborating with African universities in countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, and Uganda among others to set up Confucius Institutes ... In fact, South Africa is considering introducing Mandarin as an elective subject in secondary schools, while Uganda seeks to go a step further by making Mandarin compulsory.

Republicans have unleashed a new crime wave on America

Raw Story 21 Jul 2021
In late November 1980 I went into Uganda at the tail end of the Tanzanian invasion that overthrew Idi Amin ... In fact, as I learned in Uganda working through that famine, the more people have their backs to the wall the more cooperative and concerned with others they become.

Uganda Needs Radical Political Reform But...

All Africa 12 Jul 2021
There is an obvious fact some of us have repeatedly emphasised. Uganda's political system is totally broken. There is a lot that has gone wrong, and very few positives left. The evidence of dysfunction and decay is all over the place ....

Ugandan campaigners vow to keep on fighting for Bugoma forest

Al Jazeera 09 Jul 2021
Hoima, Uganda – Bagyenda Anatole walked briskly under the thinning canopy cover in Bugoma Central Forest Reserve. Along the narrow path, the remnants of butchered tree trunks bore testimony to the ongoing clearing of Uganda’s largest remaining block of natural tropical woodland.

Uganda revitalizes water transport to boost regional trade 08 Jul 2021
KAMPALA, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Uganda has reopened the Central Corridor to transport cargoes across Lake Victoria from the Tanzanian town of Mwanza to the Ugandan capital Kampala, its transport authorities said Wednesday ... The route used to transport up to 95 percent of Uganda's inbound cargoes.

Could East Africa Become The Next Major Oil Hotspot?

Oil Price 29 Jun 2021
Uganda’s first crude project intended and designed to be marketed globally, in fact, its first hydrocarbon ...

Ugandan Olympic team member tests positive for COVID at Tokyo Airport

Malaysian National News Agency 21 Jun 2021
TOKYO, June 20 -- One member of Uganda's Olympic team has tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan, despite the fact that all players and staff had been vaccinated, Sputnik reported, quoting a NHK report. Uganda’s nine athletes arrived at Narita International Airport (Tokyo-Narita) on Saturday.

Ugandan Olympic Team Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus at Tokyo Airport - Reports

Urdu Point 20 Jun 2021
TOKYO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 20th June, 2021) One member of Uganda's Olympic team has tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in Japan, despite the fact that all players and staff had been vaccinated, NHK reports. Uganda's nine athletes arrived at Narita International ...